Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts and Ideas from readings

Many ideas and thoughts and mainly questions have arisen from the readings from this course. Questions like the following:

- Where is Otago Polytechnic heading with flexible delivery? Are we going to lead the way and create a distinct flexible delivery opportunity and or just use flexible delivery as more of a conjunction to enhance traditional methods of teaching

- How do the academics within the polytechnic view the future using flexible delivery?
a) People that are against change may be concerned they will lose the quality of their papers, lack the computer skills, unable to replicate some face to face skills online
b) People may see this as an opportunity to reach more people, exciting opening for new opportunities in learning, create better independent learners

Another thought that went through my head was the importance of the use of language in marketing flexible and or online learning opportunities. As I googled the words "flexible learning, occupational therapy, pros and cons" a myriad of occuptional therapy online opportunities came up. The nature of the language and marketing came accross like an informercial on television. It felt slightly tacky and unprofessional. As an example the following from "schoolsgalore" . The title reminded me of James Bond 'Pussygalore". The phrasing "Find a school today" and "Find a programme that interests you today. Receive complementary information...." reminded me of the informercial "but wait theres more you can get a set of knives if you ring now".

What language may be ok for one culture may give another impression for a different culture. If we are looking at providing a flexible delivery service to a variety of cultures how do we cater for this?