Friday, March 4, 2011

Clinical Reasoning- A Reflective Journal

In the last month I have been asked twice to start journalling. Once by my manager inferring that the information I may write would be useful for any future studies within Occupational Therapy. The second time it was suggested as part of my Clinical Reasoning Post grad paper that I have started this year. I have a good way of talking myself out of these things by constantly saying "oh I do not have time for such things" "I am not a natural journal traveller". However if I look back in my past I started to write a wee diary at the age of five and every six months to a year I would add a note of the goings on in my life. This lasted until the age of around 26 and now I am 39 and its about time to add an additional comment. Especially because a hell of a lot has happened since 26.

So Once upon a time.....

There was an occupational therapist who decided after nearly four years of being a lecturer to get her feet wet back out in practice. So she was interviewed and given the job. So now she had two jobs. In her new job she worked at two rest homes and out in the community. The client base was over 65's and her role as discussed in the interview was to reengage residents and clients into meaningful activity. Words and philosophies were thrown about in the interview such as restorative, valuing lives philosophy, and social role valorisation.

Her previous experience was in a variety of roles and she coined herself a "generalist" rather than a "specialist". When the referrals came through for her community role she realised they were all equipment based 'John requires a toilet chair" "mabel requires a rail in her shower". In the rest home she was ushered into a room to assess a lady in her wheelchair.

It was time to start reflecting on what her role really was and how to get around the system, the habits of referrers and start to create a role.

Here We Go............