Friday, March 20, 2009

Flexible Learning Delivery Course

My name is Michelle Holland and I am a lecturer in the Occupational Therapy Department at Otago Polytechnic. The Department is currently rolling out the first year of a flexible learning package to OT students at Wintec in Hamilton NZ. I have been involved in communications with Wintec lecturers, but was not involved in putting the paper online initially.

I am involved in this course as part of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. I am also wanting to utilise the skills gained from this course to add to my development knowledge of how to best use technology for both Otago and Hamilton students.


  1. Hello there OTChicken :)

    Glad to see you rolling with a blog. Now its just a matter of sitting back and watching as others add their blog address to the join page.

  2. Nice to meet you Michelle. A great name for a blog. Have you met you compadre in Hamilton - Hilary. Her blog is the Hamilton Connection:

    I can see you will have lots to talk about as your flexible learning plans unfold.

  3. Hi Michelle
    Lovely to touch base with a colleague in Otago. As a Hamilton Occupational Therapist I am coming to terms with the flexible learning package. Hadn't picked up on your blogpage earlier as I have had rather a few techno- illogical issues requiring both Otago and Wintec Helpdesk input! Still working on it. Love your comments and your blog name.