Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overall conclusions

Well if I could describe my journey through this course I would say that I started with a hiss and a roar with great feedback on being the first to write up a short story of a day in the life and felt very proud of my feedback of my ideas that have struck me at that stage of the course. I started to dawdle through the middle being way laid by other commitments but still keeping up with the course. Then I fell off the cliff at the end where I fell behind in the considerations for flexible learning and how to interview a colleague. Due to not having interviewed using digital media before I waited for assistance and waited to grab my colleague and interview her when she had the time. Then my colleague was away on holiday and I finally realised I needed to interview someone else if I was going to complete this course this century. With that finally underway I was spooked by a colleague who showed me her presentation and assessment criteria from the year before. She stated "You must get an extention" There seemed so much to do and so little time to do it. Having attended the presentations I realised that I could have got my A into G and actually presented on the day if I had had the gumption and was not persuaded by others. I found my self slowly chipping my way back up the cliff by starting my powerpoint. I spent time looking at pictures and trying to convey what I felt about my plan. I read articles and reflected on the paper I wanted to change to see what had worked or not during the semester. I did find that I could not convey in great detail what my plans were and all the intracacies surrounding the changes but felt I had portrayed what I wanted via powerpoint and finally audio. Hence I could finally send to Bronwyn a draft of "How to get flexible in the future".
This course has definitely challenged me to use media I have not used before. It has also challenged me in good timing with the changes that are taking place within the poltechnic and within the OT dept. These changes are to promote a more flexible way of delivery and hence I could reflect on a plan to change this paper in good timing for next year. I also understand the issues surrounding flexible delivery and the positive benefits for students that can be gained from blended delivery learning.


  1. Michelle
    It is good to see this wrap up.
    I would ask that in your summary you link back to the posts you made on each of the topics.
    Once your presentation is finalised it would be good to see it up here as well. Your chipping away is going to pay off.

  2. Hi Michelle

    I can relate to what you are saying as things didn't exactly go as expected for me either!